StarTrak GPS is proud to partner with TSO Mobile to provide you with the very best GPS Tracking, Mobile Resource Management, and Logistic Solutions. Please click below to ready what people have to say about their new system.

The Viral Road Tour trip

"On August 26th, the cross-country Viral Road Tour trip came to a successful end at Times Square in New York. As the GPS database will show, we traveled nearly 7,000 miles through 16 states. Our stated objective, to see what’s good about the USA during difficult economic times, was clearly achieved and had one major unintended benefit. This was the fact that we brought thousands of smiles to the faces of the people we met along the way. Our car, a 1973 Checker Aerobus, was a bigger draw than we could have ever imagined. People were attracted to it in large numbers whether we were stopped or moving. People would hang out the windows of their cars to take photos, truckers would toot their horns as they drove by, shoppers in parking lots would come up to us to see the car from inside and out, and tourists surrounded us wherever we were.

Along the way, your GPS device and database faithfully and without glitches recorded where we were, how fast we were traveling, when we stopped, and how long we were idling. These are the most accurate vehicle statistics that have ever been recorded for a Checker limousine and I have shared them with the members of the Checker Car Club of America.

My travel companion and nephew, Patrick Sullivan, and I are grateful for TSO’s support of this trip. Right from the start we got first rate and friendly support from sales and technical support. The installation, testing and operation of the GPS unit was easy and reliable. Setting up the ‘read only’ ID that could be used by our web site visitors was also simple and trouble free. At the end of the trip, I spent a lot of time creating reports from the TSO database, pulling the data into Excel spreadsheets and analyzing them to see how the car performed. I also went back to the GPS database to see our trip segments on Google Maps and take screen shots of them for historical purposes. This also was a simple operation. Overall, your product and services are first rate and I can see why fleet operators would be happy with the kind of data you can deliver to them to improve their operations.

I recognize that TSO does not need to provide assistance to causes like mine but I commend you for doing so and hope that you will continue to do so. I will certainly continue to recommend your company to potential customers. I actually did that with a gentleman who runs a fleet of trucks in South America who discussed his operational problems with me in San Francisco and then contacted TSO to evaluate how he could make use of your services. This would not have happened had you not been willing to support my trip.

As I mentioned to you before, we did make a video of the GPS installation process and posted that to our web site www.theviralroad.com. If you visit the main page, just click on ROUTE, then on GADGETS, and select the “GPS Car Tracker” video on the left side of the screen. Of course, you can also browse around the web site to see our photos and daily diaries. Since we took thousands of photos and made dozens of videos, we are still in the process of getting all of them up on the web site. We will also post them to YouTube in due course.

Once again, thank you and everyone else at TSO for your support. It has been a real pleasure working with all of you at TSO."

George Laszlo and Patrick Sullivan
The Viral Road crew

City of Clearwater

"To Whom It May Concern:

The City of Clearwater purchased the GPS tracking system in the early spring of 2008. The original purchase of 91 units was installed on our Solid Waste equipment to examine the efficiency of our residential and commercial routes. We received a quick return on investment and decided to expand the system to the remainder of the Solid Waste fleet. Due to the excellent support and assistance provided during the initial stage of our program, we expanded the installation of the system to our Clearwater Gas and Developmental Services vehicles for a total of 175 units. We are currently examining the potential for additional units in several departments. The Company and their representatives gave us excellent training in the installation of the units and the use of the software. The TSO Mobile representatives were available at all times for assistance over the telephone and made several trips to our location for assistance. We love even more the new version that was released in 2009. It has many new and exciting features. It has been very refreshing to see the amount of attention given to us and the level of service has been much higher than we have experienced with other products and vendors. Thank you for assisting us with making this program a huge success and we look forward to additional purchases of units from your company."


Rick Carnley
Asst. Director
City of Clearwater, FL

Comtrans, Inc.

"We have used the GPS system for close to 3 years now and have it on all 164 vehicles. Our dispatchers see real-time where the vehicles are and dispatch or re-route vehicles accordingly where needed with the system. We also monitor excessive speed and then coach the drivers where needed. This improves safety, encourages safer driving and save money in fuel.

Since we transport school children; we have had instances where one of our drivers got lost while a child was on board. In one occasion, the driver was an hour late and the awaiting parent was very concerned. We pulled up the driver's exact location on the system and we were able to successfully assist the driver to their destination. This process would have been much more difficult without the GPS Tracking System.

Tracking Solutions has worked with us to set up a bridge between our servers and theirs where we receive data of the units including mileage that is used in our in house dispatch systems to improve efficiency and to reconcile data for billing various contracted vendors.

Tracking Solutions is a responsive company who addresses our needs swiftly and accurately. We continue to call upon them for new needs and they are quick to propose solutions. The interface is easy to use and the service is very reliable."


Cynthia Watt
ComTrans Vice President
Phoenix AZ 8503

Lewes Police Department


The TSO Mobile Tracking System is what the doctor ordered. It covers all the angles that are needed by tracking and contacting the department for its needs. The tracking is the best I have seen or used. I would recommend this system to any police department.

The service that I have received from your tech-support is outstanding. They are very professional and understanding when answers are needed."

Police Chief
Ronald "Beau" Gooch

Martin County - Utilities & Solid Waste

"To whom it may concern,

Martin County Utilities has used the Tracking Solutions Corp.'s tracking system for three years now. We are very satisfied with the product. More importantly the few minor problems we have had, were addressed by their service department. On two occasions their service people at no charge came to our work site for whole weekends, to adjust and make right any corrections needed. I would wholeheartedly recommend the tracking system to any prospective customers."

Vince Savage
Field Operations Supt.
Martin County Utilities

Professional Medical Transportation

"I cannot overstate the value of the GPS System provided by TSO Mobile. The GPS tracking system helps us organize and manage our operations on a day to day basis. The system allows our business to run smoothly and keep our customer service at the highest levels. It helps with providing on time pick ups and fast response. With it we discovered better ways in which to be more productive and we can better measure employee performance. We use the GPS system continually to monitor our fleet and manage daily workflow.

The GPS system is very easy to use, yet very powerful. We had another system in the past but this one is the best GPS system we've ever seen.

We want to compliment the TSO team on the excellent products and services they provide which we believe can help anyone to achieve their business goals. The system is certainly worth more than the initial cost or the monthly fee and we are very happy with the return on investment."


Xiomara Pazos
Professional Medical Transportation - OWNER
Miami, FL

Tayssoun Transportation, Inc.


As a tool for knowing where and what your fleet is doing, Tracking Solutions has provided this service as well, if not better, than any tracking system we have tried. We are a long haul fleet of semi tractor-trailers and over a period of 12 years we have used three different systems, and as for as affordability accuracy and dependability this systems seems to be a mark above the others (including the ones we have tested). They are open to suggestions for changes that will improve the system and they are constantly working to improve the system.

The system is easy to install and can be done by anyone with the knowledge of vehicle electrical systems.

Their customer support is responsive and friendly and their sales team stays in regular contact with their customers to provide the best service possible.

I would recommend this system for tracking any type of fleet."

Jack Dryden
Company Administrator
Tayssoun Transportation, Inc

Vesta, Inc.

"The GPS Tracing system we have is a very effective tool for locating people in real-time. They help us get an accurate picture of how our drivers are being deployed on a real time basis. This information, which we've never had before, helps us make the best decisions possible in terms of staff, routing and schedules.

When a customer calls for an unscheduled pick up, the Tracking Solution system is very effective in finding the right vehicle for that job. What's great about their company is they stand behind their product. I could have bought a GPS system from a dozen of their competitors but being in the service business, I immediately realized the good service they were offering me and after years of service, we are as happy as the first day. In addition to the cost savings and the accuracy of our payroll we get reports when our vehicles exceed the speed limit and are notified via text or email. Knowing that they will get a phone call if they speed our employees drive in a more responsible manner. We are very pleased with the system and the people at Tracking Solution with whom we have dealt. The system runs smoothly and the reports are clear, accurate and useful. Conflict over what hours were worked has simply ended, safety enhanced and cost savings obtained. What more could we ask for? We unhesitatingly recommend Tracking Solution for any company with vehicles in the field.

Our customers are assured we care about them and motorized services we provide for them due to the information provided by Tracking Solution. Before we had the GPS system, I'd have to spend half an hour looking for the driver while the customer waited. Now, I can just look at the map and give the customer an accurate update."

LaMark Goodman
Vesta Inc.

Detroit Water & Sewerage Department

"We have been using the TSO Mobile system to monitor our water department maintenance vehicles; We evaluate real-time positions along with historical data daily. This visibility into our workers day provides greater accountability and higher efficiencies by reducing unauthorized trips, reducing engine idle time, and reducing non-productive time.

We use the convenient automatically generated and emailed daily report feature to review excessive idling and PTO engagement times on our fleet of sewer vactors to ensure the employees, vehicles, and equipment are being used for their intended purpose.

The TSO Mobile system is like having extra foremen out in the field, and it helps us better serve our customers.

Installations were quick and easy. The hardware and software have proven to be very reliable."

Samuel A. Smalley, PE
Assistant Director of Asset Maintenance
Detroit Water and Sewerage Department

Straight Line Plumbing

"We have been using TSO Mobile System with Garmin devices for a year now. It is seamless. When we dispatch a job in our billing system, it simultaneously delivers that job and pertinent information directly to the Garmin device in the vehicle. Then it automatically updates the status of the job as Read, En-route and Arrived.

Prior to implementing this system, we wasted a lot of time on the phones talking to the technicians, verifying where they were, when they arrived, when they left, then the double duty of inputting that information into our system at the office.

Now it is all automatic. Not to mention that Garmin navigates the driver, turn by turn, to the customer's location. This is a huge advantage because we do residential service and finding certain addresses can be tricky. Now that the Garmin Navigates the driver directly to the location, we have less time wasted with lost techs and added fuel savings. In addition, this product keeps our auto insurance rates down due to the fact that the technician is not looking through a map book or reading directions off of a piece of paper. It keeps them focused on the road."

Joe Malinowski
Straight Line Plumbin

Aspen A-Plus Limousine

"I know where my fleet is at all times and can feel confident that all pick ups will be made on time. The fact that I can get tracking info on my PDA is great. I can be on a sales call and still know where units are located at any time on my cell phone. Tracking numbers are also great. Executive assistants no longer have to call to find out when their boss will arrive at a location; they simply get online and can track the vehicle. This gives them a great deal of confidence in our service. I have switched from another company to Tracking Solutions Corp. and I am really happy I have made the move. It would be difficult to run my company without this tool. I have recommended this service to my associates; so far one has seen the benefits and has just signed on for the service. I get quick and polite responses from everyone at Tracking Solutions Corp., whether it is a problem or just a question on how to use the program."

Larry Charlton
Aspen - A Plus Transportation