Estimated Times of Arrival (ETAs) - Arrival Forecast

Our Real-Time GPS Vehicle Tracking Technology allows us to provide passengers with Estimated Times of Arrival (ETAs) to every stop in the public vehicle's route. Not only can TSO Mobile provide ETAs by going into its routes database and reading locations, but also by identifying when vehicles are late because of any type of issue.

This solution means a lot for passengers and it plays a big role when wanting to increase ridership.

Stops Information.

With this tool passengers can access all information related to all stops in any public vehicle's route. Information such as routes the stop is part of, address in which the stop is located at, public vehicles that will pass by those stops, ETAs, can be seen as text or in the map.

Closest Stops.

The passenger can let the system read his/her current position from the computer or mobile device's GPS. Once this information is read by our system the closest stops will appear, then the passenger can pick the preferred stop and our system will display a walking distance route to that stop.

Provide security for passengers, people on the road, and drivers.

We give you Real-Time GPS Tracking and Monitoring (the tools), but it is your responsability to use them in pro of a better public system and safer roads.

Excesive speeding, unpleasant in-cabin situations, robbery, lack of maintenance, late driver attendance, among others, are things every entity want to avoid. With our real-time/live monitoring tools and reports, we let you control every single activity all the way from speeding to driver behaviors. Your fleet of public vehicles will be a secure one and this will serve as a plus that categorize your entity at a high level service compared to others.

Lower operational costs and use those savings for improvement.

Your entity can be saving thousands of dollars from cutting down on costs coming from operations, employees, drivers, maintenance, fuel consumption, and more.

• Saving money in employees (drivers specifically) comes from our driver behavior monitoring tools, and other features such as monitoring real worked hours through accurate time sheet reports pulled from the vehicle's activity, among others.
• With the maintenance module in our fleet management platform you will never miss a maintenance task again. Automated maintenace management tools will help keep a close eye on upcoming maintenances, being able to always do them on time.
• Fuel consumption is probably the major factor when it comes to saving money. Monitoring events that affect fuel consumpton such as excesive speeding and idling is key in the operations of any public transportation fleet.

Over $10,000 saved annually (over 10% reduction in costs) can be achieved depending on the entity's size, operations and goals.