Streamlined GPS Tracking Logistics

Dispatching, Automated Routing & Scheduling Optimization.

STAR Logistics gives you the framework for the management of your vehicles, time and company resources. Streamline your operation with the most complete set of tools provided by StarTrak GPS. Real-time transportation management paired with StarTrak GPS's dispatching automated routing and scheduling optimization features gives you the extra help you need to maximize productivity while reducing costs.

Operations Optimization

Organizing daily activities for a business with vehicles or mobile resources and field workers is a main part of running a successful operation. Properly managing these mobile resources is a top priority of business managers. With STAR Logistics you can stay ahead of your competition by having all the information needed at your fingertips to properly schedule jobs and make sure they are completed on a daily basis. Have peace of mind while ensuring customer satisfaction and loyalty while completing more jobs with the same resources.

  • Simplify your operation.
  • Lower your costs and manage workers time more efficiently.
  • Reduce downtime by knowing where workers are during the workday, what jobsite they are working at, and how long they have been there.
  • Lower your fuel costs by sending the closest available unit and lower time looking for address by sending turn by turn navigation instructions.


Take your dispatching to the next level with real time fleet information at your fingertips.

  • Locate the closest vehicle to a specific location.
  • Send the job information and notify your customers what vehicle will be visiting them and give an ETA all within seconds.
  • Send turn by turn navigation instructions directly to the driver via a compatible Garmin Navigation unit.
  • Plan driver itineraries ahead of time and send route information directly to the vehicle's in-cabin Garmin navigation unit, and make sure your drivers reach their destination on time every time.

Automated Routing

Simply enter the stops needed for a day's work and let STAR Route Builder organize the most efficient route for you. Give each driver the route itinerary with turn by turn directions, Or simply send the itinerary directly to the in vehicle Garmin navigation device to the drivers.