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Do You Know:

  • Where your drivers are right now?
  • Where they have gone today?
  • How long they have been there?
  • How is the weather or the traffic in their zone?
  • Directions to get to the next customer?
  • Closest vehicle to a given location?
  • About unauthorized usage of your fleet?
  • Which driver is speeding?
  • When a vehicle enters or leaves a defined zone?

Work Orders

Have the most up to date information of your jobs on one screen and manage all your field workers with one easy to use application

StarTrak GPS has combined our powerful GPS tracking application with a complete work orders logistics solution where dispatchers can easily search for the closest vehicle to a location, asses that unit's current workload and assign a new job to that driver all within seconds.

Awaiting customers can be kept up to date with the status of their work order and the real-time location of the representative that will be visiting them via email alerts.

Work Orders

Work Orders gives you the power to:

  • Maximize productivity by doing more jobs with your current workforce.
  • Increase efficiency by getting the job done, right the first time avoiding secondary visits.
  • Improve service levels to all customers by sending all the data needed to field workers.
  • Lower fuel costs and save time by reducing the mileage driven between jobsites.

Fleet Mobility Director allows work orders to be sent directly to Garmin navigation devices.

Drivers can receive work orders, accept them and receive turn by turn directions to the job location. Drivers have the ability to change the status of the work order and it is transmitted in real time to the dispatcher.

Work Orders on cell phones

Work orders can also be sent directly to a driver’s J2ME enabled cell phone.This is useful for organizations who do not wish to utilize the navigation from Garmin or, it can be used in combination!. Drivers can view the work order and also change the status, all from the palm of their hand.

Work Orders Cell Phone