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We are one of the few GPS companies that owns its software application. This is a true advantage for you!
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Do You Know:

  • Where your drivers are right now?
  • Where they have gone today?
  • How long they have been there?
  • How is the weather or the traffic in their zone?
  • Directions to get to the next customer?
  • Closest vehicle to a given location?
  • About unauthorized usage of your fleet?
  • Which driver is speeding?
  • When a vehicle enters or leaves a defined zone?

Tracking Number

Let your customers track their cargo, improving customer satisfaction and retention with this powerful and convenient tool.

  • Free up dispatcher's time.
  • Provide customers real time visibility.
  • Reduce customer inquiry calls, "Where is it?" "When will it arrive?".
  • Get more done by empowering your customers to track their own cargo.

Tracking number is a great resource for:

  • Transportation companies.
  • Limousine Services.
  • Airport Shuttle Services.
  • Mobile Advertising Companies.
  • Service Companies (Plumbing, HVAC, Installation).
  • Companies wanting to improve their customer service.
Tracking Number

How to:

  • Select what vehicle you want your customer to track.
  • Enter an expiration date.
  • A tracking number is generated and sent automatically to the customer via email as a link.
  • The link takes the customer to see the location of your vehicle until the tracking number expires.
  • The customer can no longer see the vehicle once the expiration date has passed.