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We are one of the few GPS companies that owns its software application. This is a true advantage for you!
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Do You Know:

  • Where your drivers are right now?
  • Where they have gone today?
  • How long they have been there?
  • How is the weather or the traffic in their zone?
  • Directions to get to the next customer?
  • Closest vehicle to a given location?
  • About unauthorized usage of your fleet?
  • Which driver is speeding?
  • When a vehicle enters or leaves a defined zone?


The power of GPS tracking in the palm of your hand

You don't need to be in the office in front of your computer to know where your mobile assets or employees are anymore.

StarTrak GPS M-Locate and StarTrak GPS Telemetry get together letting you make use of the remote control capabilities and view:

  • Locations
  • Status
  • Speed

of all your vehicles, assets and employees from any internet connected cell phone.

With our mobile friendly website you can turn your cell phone into a powerful tracker and management tool that will allow you to know exactly what your vehicles are doing from anywhere, all in real time.