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We are one of the few GPS companies that owns its software application. This is a true advantage for you!
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Do You Know:

  • Where your drivers are right now?
  • Where they have gone today?
  • How long they have been there?
  • How is the weather or the traffic in their zone?
  • Directions to get to the next customer?
  • Closest vehicle to a given location?
  • About unauthorized usage of your fleet?
  • Which driver is speeding?
  • When a vehicle enters or leaves a defined zone?

Instant Messenger

Be aware at all times what your vehicles are doing even when you aren't logged into the system.

StarTrak GPS Mobile is proud to offer the powerful Instant Messenger tool (software available via download). StarTrak GPS Fleet Instant Messenger sends you notifications of all the happenings of your fleet at any moment and lets you communicate with your drivers via a compatible Garmin GPS navigation device by sending messages back and forth with out the need of additional devices such as cellphones.

Simple, easy to use functionality

  • Leave StarTrak GPS Fleet Instant Messenger running in the background while you work.
  • As soon as a programmed event occurs you will receive a desktop notification.
  • View alert status for all vehicles at a glance. You can see time of occurrence and the exact location where It happened in seconds.
  • Send messages directly to the driver and wait for their response.

The in-cabin interaction is only available with a compatible Garmin GPS navigation device

Instant Messenger