STAR Fleet

Track and manage your vehicles and other assets with ease!

  • Dynamic system & user friendly GPS tracking software designed with detailed attention to customer's needs.
  • Real time GPS tracking & monitoring of mobile assets and in-cabin driver communication.
  • Google Earth, ESRI and Microsoft Virtual Earth mapping engines.
  • Instant access to over 30 specialized reports.

Save time and money while enhancing your services:

  • Taking control of your Mobile assets; StarTrak GPS's real-time GPS tracking & monitoring allows for quick dispatching and efficient fleet utilization.
  • Automating routes to Drivers; In Cabin with turn by turn navigation.
  • Having vehicle and equipment maintenance routines automated.
  • Tracking PTO, and cargo doors, or remotely unlocking doors and more.
  • Managing Work Orders electronically with live job status updates.
  • Being informed to conditions such as unauthorized use, theft, speeding, excessive idling, rapid acceleration and more.
Reports Screen Shots

30+ user defined reports provide management with precise tools for key decision making.

  • Activity Report.
  • Events Report and Events Summary Report.
  • State Miles Report.
  • Historical Locations (Bread Crumb Trails).
  • Landmarks In/Out Report.
  • Idle Time Report.
  • Speed Report.
  • Fuel Efficiency Report.


  • Platform built from the ground up on up-to-the-minute technology.
  • Cutting-edge architecture, based on service-oriented concepts.
  • Continuous investments in Research and Development keep the application ever evolving.
  • StarTrak GPS is committed to provide second to none service and the most advanced GPS fleet management and tracking technology.


The system features are focused on the type of needs that our customers have. For this reason, We have divided them into the following sections:


The Professional Solution provides the most comprehensive tools to manage today's demanding fleets. Customer's report return on their investment within 60 days on average.

  • Real-Time Position (up to the minute available).
  • Historical Locations (Bread Crumb Trails).
  • Find the closest vehicle to an address.
  • Google maps including Hybrid and Satellite, Terrain, Traffic, and Earth views.
  • Detailed event reports show Starts, Stops, Speeds, Addresses, position and more!
  • Over 30 specialized reports.
  • Customizable Geo-fences.
  • Maintenance Management.
  • Unlimited alert's definitions and Real -time notifications via text messaging or email.
  • Real-time Speed alerts.
  • Real-time excessive idle Alerts.
  • Real-time excessive acceleration and deceleration alerts.
  • Real-time alerts via cell phone text messaging or e-mail.
  • Unlimited Landmarks.
  • Work Order Management.
  • Remote Control features (door unlocking, starter interrupt, etc).
  • Messaging Services.
  • Tracking Number Service.
  • "Find Closest" Feature.
  • Automated report deliver via e-mail.
  • Routes Interface for effective workflow management.
Fleet Mobility Director
Professional + Garmin

Fleet Mobility Director: The answer to your tracking, management and communications requirements.

Add Fleet mobility Director to the professional solution and gain the ultimate fleet Management tools available in the industry today.

Fleet Mobility Director is an innovative solution that combines the powerful navigation capabilities of Garmin Personal navigation units with the state-of-the art StarTrak GPS Mobile Hardware and Software.

With Mobility Director you can communicate with your fleet quickly and efficiently to manage and improve workflow, customer's satisfaction and profits.

  • Access live reports showing if Drivers are in route or have arrived to a destination.
  • Message feedback shows if the driver has received, read or deleted a destination.
  • Obtain Estimated Time of Arrival to a particular destination, remotely!
  • The Auto Arrival Feature prompts the driver when they arrive at a Destination to mark it as done and begin navigating to the next destination on the list.
  • Web site users have the capability to wipe clean the data on the Garmin PND if needed.

Added Return on investment with Fleet mobility Director

  • Improvement of driving behavior.
  • More alert and less stressed behind wheel drivers.
  • Reduction of Mileage.
  • Reduction of insurance claims.
  • Accurate arrival times.