STAR Field Sales

Distribution Sales Control

StarTrak GPS's Sales Force Automation (SFA) system allows your business and sales personnel to improve and control all the sales processes, store inventory, collect payments, and access critical customer information through mobile PDA computers, anytime and anywhere.

Mobile Solution

  • Increase the number of daily visits.
  • Increase sales and productivity.
  • Total control of commercial operations.
  • Added value vs. competitors.
  • Easy and fast orders and invoicing process.
  • Avoid order errors.
  • Fast response to clients.

Complete Solution

  • Professional support and customer center.
  • Server and online solution administration.
  • Service and components management.
  • Complete solution monitoring.
  • Projects IT administration.
  • Quality Control.

Online Solution

  • Total control of sales representatives' sales and results.
  • Operation updated information through live syncronization.
  • Export Company's reports with current information of inventory, sales, returns and collections, among others.
  • Do not leave your money hanging for weeks because of your products' rotation. Our solution helps you identify where you should leave your products so they can be sold faster.
  • Control past due balances, active products, multiple warehouses, and multiple price lists among many other features.
  • Online access from anywhere 24 x 7 x 365.
  • Intuitive and easy solution specialized for the total control of your business distribution.

PDA Features

  • Routes Administration.
  • Messages Management.
  • Product Details.
  • Orders Registry.
  • Collection Registry.
  • Returns Registry.
  • Accounts Receivable.
  • Automated Synchronization.
  • Full QuickBooks Integration.
  • User Friendly Interface.
  • And more...
Field Sales