Towing, Distribution & Delivery, HVAC, Plumbing

Timely and economical transport are a most in this industry. Questions like, When is it going to get delivered? and how much will it cost to get it there?, let us see how important it is to be on top of your vehicles happenings. The efficient use of vehicular and human assets impact profitability tremendously!

Are your employees turning in inacurate documentation?

Have you received billing disputes or are your employees purposely inflating their billing hours? If your employees are not properly documenting their daily activities, this can cause inaccurate billing and timekeeping. The trust of customers that believe that they have been over-billed can be lost or you might have to credit customers since there is no way for you to accurately verify job durations. Your employees might also be inflating their work or overtime hours. StarTrak GPS's solutions let you verify actual job durations and employee work hours. We can help you improve customer service, reduce labor costs, and even more.

Is dispatching a challenge?

Are you receiving calls from potential customers that need to know your services inmediate availability? What happens when you do not have an answer right away? They might decide to go with someone else's services. StarTrak GPS's system lets you see all the closest technicians to a certain area letting you approach a faster customer service. This will help you bring in more revenue for your company.

Are your vehicles being used for non-work operations by your employees?

Do you suspect that your employees are often tempted to realize non-customers services? How much money does your company lose each month due to side jobs? StarTrak GPS gives you the tools to catch employees that are using your vehicles and time for side jobs. This will bring in more revenue for your company.

Are your employees safe drivers?

In today's disputive environment, an accident caused by unsafe driving will create a huge financial liability for any company. If you are receiving complaints from motorists about reckless drivers, it may be inevitable that one of these drivers will eventually cause an accident. StarTrak GPS's GPS tracking and management system keeps you informed of excessive speeding and reckless driving behaviors to avoid a potential lawsuit.