Public Transportation GPS Systems

Tracking & Management

StarTrak GPS provides turnkey transit solutions using state-of-the-art STAR Public Transportation technology to integrate satellite tracking (GPS - Global Positioning System) with vital automation features necessary to increase security, improve efficiency, control and have services with easy access to the standard user of transit systems, scalable for use at agencies of all sizes.

Transit map from one of our public transportation GPS systems

StarTrak GPS provides and End-to-End service for all transit system aspects, starting with the analysis of the current needs (specification and preparation phase), getting the correct devices and accessories to implement the project, installation, testing, administrator and end-user web services. These services are provided for all transit systems (buses, trolleys, rail, ferries and all other types of public transportation).

STAR Public Transportation is focused on solving real issues of transit systems affecting regions around the world. Beginning with automation of the operation itself, to the easy and fast access that users have to the information of their transit systems, making the service more attractive to public of all ages. StarTrak GPS services are made to target key issues and concerns that affect our transit systems. These issues vary from reducing fuel consumption, increasing security, targeting environmental concerns, and having a faster and better service, to the easy planning and technology adaptability of future demands of the transit system.