Passenger Transportation

School Buses, Rental Fleets, Taxis & Limousines

In the passenger transportation industry asset tracking and performance are a must. Just by looking at the high amount of vehicles that are on the roads around the world at all times we can see that there is a big need to verify locations and vehicle movement constantly. StarTrak GPS's GPS tracking and management services let you do that and more.

The Essential Solution for the Passenger Transportation Industry

GOT QUESTIONS? GPS TRACKING TECHNOLOGY HAS ANSWERS!. After a simple installation of a GPS tracking device you will be able to identify the exact location of your vehicles having over 30 automatic generated reports that will help with customer agreement purposes.

Monitor Driver Routes

StarTrak GPS's tracking system offers a route management platform that will allow you to:

  • FIND YOUR VEHICLE. Keep track of any vehicle movement with. Using our software the monitoring and management of your vehicles will be easier and more reliable which gives you extra measurements of safety and security for your drivers.
  • REDUCE INSURANCE PREMIUMS. Because the insurance company's risk is reduced when using a GPS tracking system, they will lower the insurance premiums in return.
  • REAL TIME TRACKING vs. ON-DEMAND. Real time data allows you to identify a vehicle's current position and speed while an On-demand service only processes data for determined purposes. Being real time tracking the most reliable option, it gives Taxi and Limousine companies the most complete set of benefits.

Save Time & Money

  • Maximize Productivity.
  • Pick up more passengers by increasing your response time.
  • Save time and fuel by sending drivers directly to their destinations using Garmin Navigation devices.
  • Reduce fuel costs by receiving alerts when vehicles are idling excessively.
  • Reduce fuel costs wear and tear and avoid costly tickets by controlling and monitoring speeding live and receiving alerts via email or SMS.
  • Monitor the opening and closing of doors to know when passengers enter or leave your vehicle.
  • Increase customer satisfaction with the tracking number feature that lets users track the location of their scheduled taxi.
  • Improve customer experience by using the nearby POIs (Points Of Interest) in the Garmin unit (restaurants, bars and ATM's).
  • Increase safety and prevent accidents by avoiding paper maps and using turn by turn directions.