Emergency Response

If your organization or company dispatches employees to deliver critical care to patients (emergency response), StarTrak GPS's routing, scheduling and dispatching software will help you maximize productivity in all areas, from vehicles to employees productivity. Track your resources to their exact locations whether still at the final destination or en route. Reroute resources easily when there are unexpected errors on inconveniences, keeping all patients or facilities attended. StarTrak GPS can also extend the lifecycle of your vehicles by logging engine hours and delivering reminders for routine maintenance.

Faster Response Times

StarTrak GPS's vehicle tracking solution makes the task of routing equipment and crews to the areas of emergency a lot easier for incident commanders who are in charge of making these decisions. Many emergency vehicles, such as fire trucks and ambulances, need to have GPS vehicle tracking devices installed in them. StarTrak GPS makes these devices able to transmit information in real time over a wireless network to a monitoring station that can make the information about the location, direction and speed of travel, and other features of these vehicles available to incident commanders via any computer with an active internet connection.

In spite of fluctuating fuel costs, employees and responsibility for the public health, StarTrak GPS helps you offer services that are delivered efficiently and economically. StarTrak GPS puts daily solutions to work for you hourly adding up to healthy efficiencies.


  • Processes automation.
  • Vehicles and employees efficiency management.
  • Productivity.
  • And more...


  • Overtime.
  • Fuel and operational costs.
  • Unauthorized use.
  • And more...

Added benefits from StarTrak GPS solutions:

  • Assets routing and scheduling for maximum efficiency.
  • Increase driver/caregiver productivity.
  • Identify the right resource for the job.
  • Do more stops with the same or fewer resources.
  • Accuracy and efficiency when responding to emergencies.
  • Gain instant access into vehicles and worker activities.
  • Monitor engine hours for automated maintenance.
  • Reduce mileage and fuel expenses.
  • Provide real-time attention to performance.
  • Increase safety.
  • Meet promised deadlines.
  • Resolve customer disputes with documented activity.