Government Institutions & Municipalities

Government entities are looking to run timely and economical operations which is what taxpayers expect and keep constant oversight which is what departments can count on.

Are your employees turning in inaccurate documentation?

Might your employees be purposely inflating their work hours? If your employees are not documenting their daily activities accurately, this can lead to inaccurate billing and timekeeping. Your employees may also be increasing their work or overtime hours, finishing their workdays early and reducing your productivity without you even knowing it!. StarTrak GPS's GPS tracking and management system lets you monitor closely employees activities and work hours. With our system you will reduce labor costs and definitely increase productivity.

Are your vehicles negatively impacting our environment?

It has been proven that vehicles cause some of the most harm to the environment. Other than just harming the environment, excessive emissions can also increase your fuel costs and wear and tear on your vehicles. StarTrak GPS's GPS tracking and management system monitors each time your vehicle idles excessively and each time your drivers speed. This information can be used to take corrective action to ensure that your employees comply with your requirements.

Are your vehicles being used for non-work operations by your employees?

When employees use their work vehicles they are increasing the wear of your vehicles, wasting fuel, and increasing liability. StarTrak GPS's GPS tracking and management system documents any after-hours/non-work use of your vehicles to help bring fuel and maintenance costs down.

Are your employees safe drivers?

In today's disputive environment, an accident caused by unsafe driving will create a huge financial liability for any company. If you are receiving complaints from motorists about reckless drivers, it may be inevitable that one of these drivers will eventually cause an accident. StarTrak GPS's GPS tracking and management system keeps you informed of excessive speeding and reckless driving behaviors to avoid a potential lawsuit.