The construction industry is all about deadlines, valuable equipment on the move and a distributed workforce. StarTrak GPS provides construction companies with software applications that can pinpoint their equipment and dispatch their assets (human and equiment) to the right work site at the right time.

Maximize your heavy equipment usage

StarTrak GPS's tracking, routing, scheduling, dispatching, and field communication solutions help your company maximize drivers productivity as well as equipment operation availability, saving on fuel costs and lost time. StarTrak GPS's solutions allow you to track expensive equipment all the way to its final destination. Maximize stops efficiency. With StarTrak GPS's solutions you can even extend the lifecycle of your heavy construction equipment by logging engine hours and delivering reminders for routine maintenance.

Are your employees turning in inaccurate documentation?

Have you received billing disputes or are your employees purposely inflating their billing hours? If your employees are not properly documenting their daily activities, this can cause inaccurate billing and timekeeping. The trust of customers that believe that they have been over-billed can be lost or you might have to credit customers since there is no way for you to accurately verify job durations. Your employees might also be inflating their work or overtime hours. StarTrak GPS's solutions let you verify actual job durations and employee work hours. We can help you improve customer service, reduce labor costs, and even more.

Are your employees safe drivers?

In today's disputive environment, an accident caused by unsafe driving will create a huge financial liability for any company. If you are receiving complaints from motorists about reckless drivers, it may be inevitable that one of these drivers will eventually cause an accident. StarTrak GPS's GPS tracking and management system keeps you informed of excessive speeding and reckless driving behaviors to avoid a potential lawsuit.

Added benefits from StarTrak GPS's solutions:

  • Accurate and detailed history of patrolled areas.
  • Increase driver productivity.
  • Identify the right resource for the job.
  • Do more stops with the same or fewer resources.
  • Accuracy and efficiency when responding to emergencies.
  • Gain instant access into vehicles and worker activities.
  • Monitor engine hours for automated maintenance.
  • Reduce mileage and fuel expenses.
  • Provide real-time attention to performance.
  • Increase safety.
  • Meet promised deadlines.
  • Resolve customer disputes with documented activity.